Saturday, March 14, 2009

Curry Connoisseur

It was mentioned that I hadn't put "pillow fight" on yesterday's list. I had thought about it and decided not to, because it was a concept-- and up until now I had only been listing actual objects that she was touching and recognizing what they were and naming them. Well, Jeremy pointed out that her knowing what a pillow fight was is even more advanced than knowing an object. So, I've decided to add it, along with other words that she uses that don't necessarily fit under the "objects she can recognize by touch." So thanks, guys, for pointing it out to me!!

Today, Elli was not really happy with her peanut butter and jam sandwich, and didn't seem interested in eating it, as displayed by throwing it on the floor. I finally said in exasperation, "Elli, what do you want?" She immediately replied, "curry!" I was shocked! Last week Jeremy brought me home some curry from a Thai restaurant, and I had given her a little for dinner. Apparently, she really liked it!! It is one thing for her to name something like "banana" because she eats those all the time. But to name something she's only had once was ever so much more exciting! (:

Sadly, I didn't have any curry for her. ):


  1. So it was one of those - "OK - eat the PB and J and I'll get more curry at the market" days eh? :) BTDT - but thrilled that she's growing so much! Prayers get answered every day!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. She is smart, that one. To display recall after one exposure, is, indeed advanced!

    FYI, we routinely include ALL words a child says, whether object, action or person, IF it is used with intention.

    Ellie's use of "pillow fight" counts, (IMHO) because she was requesting it. To use language functionally, is beyond simple naming.

    You should expect to see other 'request' words being used after you prompt her with, "Elli, what do you want?" or simply as something she initiates (ex: pillow fight).

    Elli has learned that language is useful and that is the BEST indicator for her continued learning of vocabulary (simple naming) and pragmatics (the use of language).

    Doing the happy dance here in FLA for your darling ELLI!!! She has had her "water" moment (ever seen "The Miracle Worker?" If not, rent it!). :~)

  3. :-) Makes me smile every time!