Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home sweet home!

Two days ago, I had one of my most exciting/sweet moments with Elli! We had been outside playing, and as we walked into the house, she got a big smile on her face and said, "Home! Home!" I don't think that word has ever sounded so sweet as it did right then to me. Whenever we walk into the house, I tell her that we're home-- but it's not something I can really have her feel and practice like I can with an object. "Home" is more of a concept-- and she had obviously gotten it! (: My heart just sang and I was just so full of joy! What amazing miracles we are seeing!

On another note, today I put Elli on the trampoline while I cooked dinner. I can see her out my window, and she was having a great time. At one point, I noticed that something seemed a little, well, off! That something was her pants and diaper! Yes, our little Elli was jumping naked and happy on the trampoline. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I'm not sure if she's too old for that... She was so cute!

Also, I just realized that today Elli hit the big 50!!! Yes, she now has FIFTY words that she can use appropriately-- I AM AMAZED! There was a time where I didn't know if we would ever see this day!! So... I am setting a new goal. We are going for 100 words by the end of April! Even as I type it, it seems unbelievable that she could do it-- and yet I know that she can do it with HIM! We have been so blessed and have seen the Lord open up so many doors for her. The first 50 words were mostly made up of words that she has had a lot of experience with, and ones that we have been practicing for months- so it will be a stretch to get 50 NEW words! Can she do it??? I'm thinking so!



  1. I think so, too! (See you guys tomorrow...with Chocolate Satin Pie.)

  2. WOW! Ya know - I hope that you are saving all of this stuff so that someday you can write a book - your simple but 'hands on' approach to overcoming these kinds of issues is something to share with the world!

    And don't loose your perspective on something - you have (are) taught (teaching) something more than words - she has learned the 'concept' of language. That's something we big people take for granted - and now that she has realized there is a way to ease frustration by communication - well the rest is just rote memory - and she's got that part figured out too!

    Dang - this is so exciting I'm kind of at a loss for words - Great Job God - Great work mom!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. The other thing that you are likely to begin seeing (specially if you begin to model and wait for her response) is the putting together of two word phrases. "Daddy home", Elli's shoes", "Mommy go", "More milk", "Help, please", "My turn", etc. Something magical happens when a child develops a core vocabulary of more than 50 words!!! Get ready for more magic!! (grin)

  4. What happened to Elli's old website?