Monday, March 2, 2009

Cousin It

This "every day of March" goal of mine is all that's making me blog right now! I'm exhausted, sick (just a cold) and want to curl up in my bed! My mind is all fuzzy right now, and I can't think of anything meaningful to say. So, I'm going to write about our Elli's hair!!! You will surely get a laugh out of this picture. For some reason, Elli's hair if left undone falls right over her face. It's just the way it lays. This is the reason I almost always it in ponytails of some kind-- if I leave even some of it down, it is always getting in her mouth and eyes. I've told people that her hair really falls forward, but to prove it, Jeremy took this picture. (: This is after having combed it nicely following a bath, but not putting clippies or ponytails in-- just a nice side part. Ten minutes later, it looked like this! Gotta love it!

As far as the new word for today-- we had another trampoline moment! I was getting Elli out of the car and put her hand on her seatbelt and asked her what it was. She felt it for a second and said, "buckle!" It was so cute! I had never practiced this with her. I am constantly talking to her and telling her what I'm doing, but never know how much she is comprehending. It is SO REWARDING to have her using some words and learning that she IS GETTING SOME THINGS! She's obviously listening when I tell her, "it's time for me to buckle you!" (:(:(:(:(:(:(:

Thanks so very much for your comments. They truly mean so much to me-- every single encouraging word. Truthfully, there are many times that mothering Elli is overwhelming, to say the least. So, THANK-YOU!

Ok, the bed is really calling out-- goodnight!


  1. Yay I'm so proud of you for updating!!! I checked last thing before I went to bed and you better believe you would've heard it form me if there wasn't a post! Oh and for you fellow readers out there it's o.k. I'm not being harsh, I'm just being a good sister!! :-) I don't envy that her hair falls forward, but her beautiful thick shiny hair is to die for. And Yay for buckle!

  2. WOW - not 'gotta love it' - DO love it!! And cousin It, don't know how I feel about remembering it! "Buckle" - good word too! Hope you get some rest - and hugs -

    aus and co

  3. Love the hair! You are such an incredible mom! I hope you can always feel and see that... even at times when it is overwhelming! This is an inspiration to be reading the daily progress. She is blossoming a lot, and I know as parents everything little things means a lot! Thank you for sharing.

  4. You are amazing to post daily. I can't wait to check it every day...and now there is daily payoff! I can't wait to see my little Elli Belly!

  5. I am so glad that you are updating this site again. I will start to check it out everyday. That is so good that she can say buckle. I can't wait until I see you guys at Easter.