Friday, December 12, 2008

Elli has a surprise...

I know most of you following Elli's story also follow our family blog, but just in case you haven't, check our latest blog entry. It is a movie the kids made and if you can get through the 8-10 year old humor and stick with it, it is sure to put a smile on your face. (:

As for Elli-- yesterday we had two very exciting moments. First, as she was having her bath, I was blasting music from the computer. She started to SING ALONG with the whole first verse of "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman!!!

Are you understanding the significance of this?!!!! This is one of our GOALS!!! Usually she will only sing on her own-- she stops as soon as you try to sing along. When music is playing she will wait until it is off, then she may or may not try to sing it. So this is BIG TIME!! YAY!!! She hasn't done it since, and believe me, I have tried!! But we know she is capable and I am pumped!

Secondly, Jeremy was playing with her yesterday-- throwing her onto the bed and tossing her in the air. She was in hysterics and having a blast. One time, after throwing her, he told her to say, "more please," which she did. This wasn't surprising, as she will often copy what we tell her to say. What WAS exciting?? The next time he threw her on the bed, she jumped up and said, "more, please!" ON HER OWN!!! (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

She has done this with food, but nothing else-- so we're thrilled.

Oh, and the cutest thing (this happened awhile ago, but I forgot to share). Elli loves to play with our blinds. Or should I say destroy our blinds? It is something we have basically given up on, because unless we are watching her every second, we aren't going to stop her from playing with them-- something about them just fascinates her. Well, she somehow got the little stick thing off-- the one that you use to twist the blinds open and shut. When I came in the living room, she was holding it and walking around with it in front of her-- just like a cane! It was so cute because it LOOKED just like a cane-- and it just got me so excited for when she is able to learn to use one. Right now, her therapists don't think she is ready for one (and neither do we.) But seeing a glimpse of the future is always exciting!



  1. Christi--this is awesome! I'm so happy for you and her! She's going to blow you away like this throughout her whole life with all her accomplishments! Can't wait for Christmas so I can give her a giant hug!

  2. Way to go Elli!!!

    I sure miss you guys. Savannah still talks about Jessi.

    Take care - we love you!
    The Rosiers.

  3. The cane things is a huge difference of opinion between blind people and the O & M teachers. Much of the O & M technique comes out of world war II and teaching adults there isn't a lot taught to the teachers about teaching kids. I had to push them to give Acer a cane, they said he was too little and I said he was too fast and needed it for protection. Several moms I know give their kids canes to get them used to carrying it and used to using it to find things on the floor when they drop it. Other Moms have their kids push those toy shopping carts around to get them ready to use a cane, they get used to holding on to something and have it tell them where a wall is etc.
    Good luck, I love to hear Elli's progress. I think Acer's ahead of her in some ways, but he was ahead to start because he had a wonderful foster mother. Of course where your Elli is more quiet and you want her to talk, our Little Guy is such a talker there are times we wish he were more quiet. One thought, are you guys narrating your life for her, so she knows what the different sounds she's hearing are and so she's always hearing words in sentences?
    Take care,
    Heather BT

    PS I like the name Daniel for your son.