Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Steps

At a recent conference with Elli's team of therapists and teachers, her vision and mobility specialist was talking with us. He gave us a suggestion that we try to take a step beyond just holding her hand and pulling her along when we walk with her. He told us to put one of our forearms against Elli's forearm as a signal for her to grab our hand or wrist and then we could lead her as she held onto us. It's a subtle difference, but a significant one. When we pull her, she has no say in the matter, but when she holds onto us, she has decided to follow.

Since then, I've really tried to do that with her, and she is making significant progress. Several times she has held my wrist or hand (without me grasping hers) and followed me across the living room to her high chair to eat. (And navigating our living room can sometimes be a bit of an obstacle course:)

Baby Steps!



  1. Jer et al - very cool progress! And just because you don't always see comments here - doesn't mean we're not reading!

    hugs -

    aus and co.

  2. I found your blog through CCAI. My best friend is getting her daughter this month through them. My husband and I adopted from Vietnam in 2007. I was deeply touched by your adoption story and how you joy over each "miracle." What a testimony of God's love you are.


  3. That's amazing! How neat that she can choose to follow. It's enabling HER to make these small but very significant steps. You guys are amazing. Love you.