Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jesus Will Meet You There

It's been a LONG time! I went through a period of discouragement where I just didn't want to write, and then when that passed, I just felt overwhelmed at "catching up." But I had to write today...

A brief update on our girl: Elli continues to slowly progress. She has learned new words, but we still don't have much "back and forth" communication. Elli echoes words we say, or will answer the question, "What do you want?" with (usually) one-word answers, but that's about it. She will say "Yes, please" (more like "yuppies") or "no" and that is a huge blessing. Music continues to be a source of much joy to her, and she knows all the words to probably about 100 songs! She has even progressed to where she will sometimes let us sing with her-- not often, but it does happen. She has begun to pick out a few tunes on the piano and spends a lot of her time sitting there playing her tunes.

Along with these good things are of course new struggles. She has gone through a feeding aversion thing where she will chew food but just can't seem to get herself to swallow it-- so she'll swish it around in her mouth and then spit it all up. Fun. Many foods that she used to love she will now refuse to eat. This is getting better as of late, but has been a huge struggle. She also is having more screaming tantrums-- I think often just because of her limited ability to communicate. Once she finally calms down, which can take a great deal of time, we usually ask her to say "sorry." Yesterday something very monumental happened. She was screaming her head off at something and I went to try to help her for the fifth or so time and I was completely frustrated. I said, "Elli, you need to stop! You are making me crazy! You need to use your words!!!" I said this not thinking she really understood what I was saying-- but she must have at least understood my exasperation because she immediately stopped and said, "sorry!" with no prompting. I was so excited!! I picked her up and told her that it was ok and that I loved her and we proceeded to have the sweetest time together. It felt like such a huge step in communication.

But what I really wanted to write about occurred a few nights ago. Elli woke up screaming and raging and I went down in her room to try and comfort her. Nothing was working and she was MAD. I finally turned a CD on, and the song that was playing was "Jesus Will Meet You There." I've mentioned before that the line in the song, "when sunlight comes and your world is still dark , Jesus will meet you there," always makes me think of Elli. As I laid next to her and thought about the trials that her life holds for her, I started to say a prayer. It wasn't out loud-- I was just praying in my mind. I was pleading for Jesus to meet her in the dark place she was in and to bring her some form of comfort. As I came to the end of my prayer, Elli stopped screaming and choked out the words, "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." I was caught off guard, as I hadn't been praying out loud-- yet she somehow knew I was praying. Then her sobs turned to giggles and she started saying over and over, "Jesus, Jesus." I hugged her and loved on her and within a few minutes she was sound asleep.

I had entered her room exhausted and frustrated, but I left a completely different person. It was such a tender experience to share with my sweet Elli. I know she is loved TREMENDOUSLY by our Savior, and I feel so blessed and humbled to be her mother.

I have a new resolve to keep up with this blog so that I will always have a record of these miracles and of the ways Elli has blessed our family.



  1. Loved it! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow - one doesn't often hear of little miracles - thanks for seeing this as one....thanks for brining good Witness of Christ in our lives to your daughter (actually all of us!)....and thanks for relying on Christ in your daily lives - it matters more than you think!

    And remember - Elli is getting older - and with that age comes ability and 'wisdom' (for lack of a better word) - and she is starting to demonstrate her increased 'intellect' to you - perception of your emotion (and I think maybe she really understood more of your words than just their tone - just like she percieved you were in prayer with and for her).

    And maybe - just maybe - Jesus WAS visiting with her - just because you asked Hi too....

    hugs - loads of love - and while it sounds funny - great joy for you guys -

    aus and co.

  3. Thanks for sharing that. Those moments are big faith-builders and it's so amazing that there is a way to share them with the world almost instantly.

  4. That's so beautiful, it made me tear up a bit. Please share more, when you find the time!

  5. Christianne, I love you! You strengthen me, remind me of what is good in life and help me to see that faith is EVERYTHING. I don't know how you remain so STRONG amidst the different trials you go through with Elli, but I know that you are helping us all to be a little stronger and faithful just by sharing her story! Loves, H

  6. How wonderful to know that spirits can communicate heart to heart and the Savior is there to lift our burdens. There is a lot to life we not understand, and it is such a surprise and delight when we experience a new miracle such as that. What a blessing for you and Elli!!

  7. Christi, there really are modern day miracles. It will be so fun to watch the more miracles Elli continues to bring as her whole world unfolds. Thanks for being so strong and such a good example for all of us in always seeing the good.

  8. This is an AWESOME post and totally worth the wait, if you ask me!!!

    How exciting! More than anything, I always pray for communication abilities to grow. It is such a vital thing to be able to connect, share your thoughts and wants and needs with those around you.

    I pray more and more connectedness for Elli and the world/people around her.

    "In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN".

  9. Christianne, thank you for sharing this story. I always feel so uplifted and strengthened by reading your blogs! You are an amazing mom!!! Thank you for being such an awesome example to me. I am so thankful to have you as a friend. I love you!

  10. What a sweet experience. Thank you for sharing. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how the Spirit communicates our thoughts and feelings to our children even when no verbal language is used. What a great example. What a great Mom you are! I sure miss you and can't wait to see you this fall!!!!