Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pray she doesn't get fat... ;)

It's really sad that I haven't been keeping up on this--  and I am determined to do better.  I just read my last post and was WOWED!  I had almost forgotten just how much Elli was screaming, and am so happy to say that she is doing SO MUCH BETTER!  It took a week or two, but now she so rarely has a screaming fit that lasts longer than a few seconds.  YAY!!!!  :) :) :)

Now when Elli starts to fuss and you ask her what she wants, she will almost always respond.  Amazing.  The downside is that 98% of the time she is asking for food.  LOL  At first, we were so grateful she was answering us at all that we tried to give her what she asked for.  We soon learned that it is impossible to keep up with her food requests.  Every few minutes she's asking, "Cake?"  "Cookie?"  "Applesauce?"  "Hamburger?"  What was a miracle (and ok, it still is) has quickly turned into constant battle over when to give in, and how much to give her.  This girl can pack it in!  I am telling you, she could seriously eat as much as any of you reading this!  She is a bottomless pit, and is going to eat us out of house and home.  So lets all pray for her to ask for some NON-FOOD things-- like reading a book, or going on a walk.  So far, the only thing she's asked for that isn't food (besides the one-time "bear hunt") is to rock-a-bye-- and she does ask for that a lot.

Last week I showed Elli a balloon, and she held it for a short minute.  Yesterday I saw another one, though a lot smaller, and wondered if she would remember what it was.  I put it in her hands and asked "What's that?"  She immediately said, "balloon!"  This was crazy amazing, because she has only labeled a handful of things ever.  So, I thought it would be cool to keep a running tab on the sidebar of things she can identify by touch and actually say the word.  My goal is to have five new things a week-- and believe me, that is a lofty goal.  :)

As always, thanks for your comments and your faith in this blog.   She is a different girl than when we started it.  We know that all things can happen through Christ!



  1. Morning - ya know it's funny - just last night Marie asked me how you guys were doing and ans specifcally how Elli was - I'll e-mail her to check the blog! I love the idea of the running list too - great stuff - and how was it I knew she'd know what 'whiskers' are? :) Hugs to all for us - aus and co.

  2. Elli is so amazing and has made a lot of progress, especially when you look back. I don't think she'll get fat because she is so active jumping. However, I have seen how much she eats. She eats as much as a grown man most of the time. Wow! We love her so much!

  3. What an awesome little girl!!!! Way to go Elli

  4. I found your blog thru NO Hands But Ours. Elli is a beautiful girl! Have you tried giving her more protein foods? I was having some eating issues with a member of our family and found that giving the child more protein and fats seemed to help satify for longer periods.

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  6. I check your family blog and Elli's blog every day. But I must have flagged Elli's blog in a weird way, because your new posts weren't showing up when I'd link to Elli's. Every time I logged in, it only showed your original post. Well today I realized there MUST be some new posts, so I scrolled down to "Blog archive" and was thrilled to get all caught up! I'm so happy to read of Elli's progress. The miracles may or may not have happened anyway, but the fact that you are looking for them and recognizing them and blessing all our lives by reporting on them is the best part!

  7. Hi! I found your blog through No Hands But Ours. I spent hours last night reading through all your posts. We too adopted a blind little girl from China this past May. I was so reassured reading your blog, because we have gone through a lot of the same things! You can check out our blog at www.tmphillips.com/adoption/ and I would LOVE to keep in touch with you! :)
    Kim phillips